A Piece of History

Steinway & Sons is the best piano company, creating iconic grand pianos that have been used for decades and by many famous figures, from Queen Elizabeth II to Shirley Temple. These pianos each have a unique code that the Steinway website uses to track that piano's history, from the number of users to any specific details. From there, "A Piece of History" was born. And we discovered just how influential Steinway has been throughout history. 


63 Years Queen  85 Years Musician  96 Years Loving Music  Steinway A Piece of History
Hosted a television show at  Attended Juilliard at 8  Starting playing at 3  Steinway A Piece of History
60 Songs  32 Movies  1 Shirley Temple  Steinway A Piece of History

Collaboration with 

This collaboration with would offer Steinway owners a way to not only track thier piano's history, but also uncover thier stories. Perhaps the piano was a special commission for a talented student who became a concert pianist. Perhaps someone saved up for twenty years to afford a used Steinway. Steinways are not only a substantial part of history; each has their own history, with dynamic owners and stories to uncover. This app provides a place to record and share those stories. 

Coffee Table Book: 

Steinway Stories

For this campaign, we'd create Steinway Stories, a coffee table book (that would be appropriate to sit on a piano) that discusses various stories about how Steinway pianos have impacted people throughout history. It would feature stories about the Victory Virtacles (green upright pianos Steinway airdropped to soldiers during WWII), Pictures at an Exhibit (a painted piano), and Rachmaninoff (a Russian composer who was quite judgemental on the subject of pianos). 

Art Director: Hazel Cimino    <<<---ADD LINK