From Our Home to Yours

Direct Mail Websitei Update Experience 

Crate&Barrel sells a lot of odd things, which your avarage home cook might not know how to use. So this direct mail provides a little guidance with a funny story from Carole Segal, the co-founder of Crate&Barrel. 

Website Update: A Note From Carole. 

The Crate&Barrel website will be updated to have information about the proper usage of various items, so customers know exactly why it will make their life easier. 

Crate&Barrel becomes a Post Office

Crate&Barrel will become the perfect place to send postcards, from any Crate&Barrel to the one wherever is closet to the recipient. 

And for those who don't have somebody to send a postcard to, an anonymous confession can always be left instead, to be displayed inside the store. 

Art Director: Jade Chen [Link Coming Soon]